The Benefits of Learning How to Play Chess with Evan Rabin

Evan Rabin is a National Chess Master and the CEO of Premier Chess, which provides school programs, summer camps, and private lessons to students of all ages. Evan fell in love with chess at age seven, when his brother and father first taught him how to play. Over the next five months, he joined the chess club at school, participated in his first tournament, and attended Nationals.

After graduating from Brandeis University, Evan started teaching chess full-time. After a few years of working in the corporate world for companies like Oracle and Rapid7, Evan founded Premier Chess in 2017. Within two months, Evan started programs in 14 schools and he also started teaching corporate classes and acquired clients like Movable, Inc. and a top New York City law firm, Kramer Levin.

Premier Chess aims to provide access to anyone in the world who wants to play chess. They have programs in over 80 schools and they currently teach  in eight states and in remote areas through Skype. They’ve also taught students in international locations such as Tanzania and Myanmar and have  partnered with various organizations such as the National Scholastic Chess Foundation, National Education Chess Association, and Top Level Chess.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Evan Rabin, the CEO of Premier Chess, discusses how he learned to play chess.
  • What can corporate employees gain from learning how to play chess?
  • Evan talks about his virtual chess summer camp.
  • How does virtual teaching compare to in-person teaching?
  • Evan discusses his company’s efforts to teach chess internationally.
  • What is a player’s thought process while playing a game of chess?

 In this episode…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to follow your true passion in life? Evan Rabin did exactly that when he left his corporate job and founded Premier Chess in 2017. Since then, Evan has shared his passion for chess by helping students in other states—and even other countries—learn how to play the game.

In this episode of The Tax Resolution Ninja Show Allan Rolnick interviews Evan Rabin, the CEO of Premier Chess, about his journey from the corporate world to starting his own company and working on his passion. Evan also talks about the advantages of playing chess, the importance of networking, and how his business has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic. And make sure to tune in to the very end to find out how you can participate in a free 30-minute private virtual lesson with Evan.

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