Our Process

Our 3-Step Process

It is our job to fully understand each situation as every case has it's personal nuances.  Because our expertise is focused on tax resolution specifically you can rest assure you have seasoned professionals fighting for you.


Before any action can be taken we need to invest the time to fully understand your case. The IRS can be tricky and it’s imperative we come prepared.


At this point we play out the possible solutions and how each can play out in front of the IRS. We do a deep dive and devise a comprehensive strategy.


Our job is to represent you in front of the IRS. Our expertise gives us the power to stand up to the intimidating tactics of the IRS.

Tax Resolution Services

We cover the entire spectrum of tax debt. If you owe money to the IRS the one thing we can know for sure is it will never go away, and will only increase with penalties. It's time to ease the emotional burden and get relief today.

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