Protect Your Assets and Plan for Your Future with Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen is the CEO and Managing Director of Benefit Quest, Inc., a company that provides their clients with a full range of insurance, financial products, and services. Eric graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Yeshiva University in 1987 and received his Certificate in Financial Planning from New York University in 1992. 

In January 2007, Eric created the Business & Personal Financial Optimizer System and won a National Award for Consumer Education from NSACE. He is an experienced contributor and speaker and has made several appearances as an insurance expert on Fox & Friends on Fox News.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Allan Rolnick welcomes his guest, Eric Cohen from Benefit Quest, Inc.
  • Eric talks about how he got started in the insurance business.
  • Why do you need insurance?
  • Eric explains how he developed a financial optimizer system for individuals and businesses.
  • How do you know which type of coverage you need?
  • Eric recognizes the people who have impacted him throughout his life.

In this episode…

People often encounter unexpected life events such as losing their house or business. These events by themselves can be devastating but if you don’t have insurance, it can lead to never-ending financial issues and even tax-related problems. Seeking the help of an insurance expert ensures that you won’t lose your assets if you are faced with unforeseen circumstances.

Join Allan Rolnick in this episode of The Tax Resolution Ninja Show as he interviews Eric Cohen, CEO and Managing Director of Benefit Quest, Inc. about all things insurance-related. Eric shares his own experiences as an insurance professional and the reasons why individuals and businesses need to be insured. He also provides his insights into common risks that people face, what you should know about insurance carriers, and the importance of selecting a plan that fits your specific needs. Stay tuned.

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