Investing Your IRA: The Do’s and Don’ts to Avoid Tax Liabilities with Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon

Robert Cannon is the Managing Director of Cannon Wealth Solutions, a team of Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) who helps their clients understand their finances and make sound investment decisions. They are fiduciary financial advisors who are held to the highest legal and ethical duty to represent his clients’ best interests regarding their total asset portfolio management. Robert has more than three decades of experience working with affluent investors, businesses, and hedge funds across the United States.

Robert places a key focus on creating lifetime income plans for retirement. In doing so, he guides his clients through a very distinctive wealth management and investment process designed explicitly for financially successful individuals, couples, and families.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Robert Cannon talks about Cannon Wealth Solutions and how he helps his clients manage their investments.
  • The investment freedom that comes with working with an investment advisor.
  • What are self-directed IRAs and why it’s important for people to know about them.
  • Why relying on Social Security as a retirement fund is not a good idea for those who live in areas like North Shore, Long Island.
  • How Robert helps clients reduce their tax liability on their IRA.
  • Tax reforms to expect from the imminent change in the U.S leadership.
  • What is infinite banking and how can it help people leave a legacy and still borrow the money out without any tax consequences?
  • How does the volatility of the investment market affect retirees and pre-retirees?

In this episode…

These days, pensions are almost non-existent. People are now left to fall back on their retirement fund and social security when they retire. But retirement funds by itself may not be enough, so how can you invest and grow your money beyond the traditional stocks, mutual funds, and bonds without incurring a high tax liability?

On this episode of The Tax Resolution Ninja Show, Allan Rolnick interviews Robert Cannon of Cannon Wealth Solutions about how to avoid unnecessary tax liabilities when investing your retirement funds. They’ll be discussing how you can invest your retirement fund in a non-traditional vehicle, how to use infinite banking to leave a legacy and still borrow the money out without any tax consequences, and more.

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