How to Find Tax Benefits You Didn’t Know You Deserve with Heidi Henderson, Executive Vice President of Engineered Tax Services

heidi hendersonHeidi Henderson is the Executive Vice President and Board member at Engineered Tax Services. She helps plan for growth and operational improvements internally while working externally with investment-minded individuals to optimize their investment.

Heidi also teaches over 30+ continuing education courses annually to CPAs, design-builder professionals, and real estate professionals. She is a tax consultant specializing in federal incentives in real estate architecture and R&D innovation.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Heidi Henderson began her career in real estate tax consultancy
  • Heidi talks about how she helps people find tax benefits they didn’t know they had
  • The pain of being unaware of your tax benefits and why you can’t blame your CPA
  • Who are Engineered Tax Services’ clients?
  • Do you need to have a minimum tax liability to be eligible for tax incentives?
  • Understanding depreciation incentives using cost segregation for real estate taxes

In this episode…

In the tax world, many people don’t realize that their CPA is very much a family practice practitioner who knows a bit about many financial matters. However, the U.S tax code is incredibly complex, so they may not be aware of many opportunities and incentives in the Federal Tax Code’s narrow niches. So how do CPAs and their clients identify when some tax opportunities or incentives are applicable and be able to leverage them? What are the requirements that they need to fulfill in order for them to be eligible for these incentives?

Listen to this episode of The Tax Resolution Ninja Show with Allan Rolnick as he interviews Heidi Henderson, the Executive Vice President of Engineered Tax Services about tax incentives and opportunities that everyone should be aware of. They also discuss why your CPA couldn’t help you with the opportunities and incentives that you might be entitled to, how to qualify for various tax incentives, and what she and her company does to help her clients get these incentives that she knows that her clients deserve. Stay tuned.

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