Confronting Infidelity and Unshared Tax Situations Between Couples with Relationship Coach, Dr. Marie Murphy

Dr. Marie MurphyDr. Marie Murphy is a Relationship Coach who specializes in helping people who are having affairs decide what’s truly right for them. She offers shame-free and blame-free coaching that intends to help her clients determine the best way forward for themselves and for their relationships. She holds a Ph.D. in the Sociology of Sexuality.

Dr. Murphy is also the host of Your Secret Is Safe With Me podcast where she talks about infidelity and other challenging relationship situations from a non-judgmental perspective.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • How Dr. Marie Murphy got into relationship coaching and why she chose to specialize in helping people who are dealing with infidelity
  • The feelings that come with uncovering the unshared tax situation of a spouse
  • Why people who are coping with infidelity come to Dr. Murphy
  • Dr. Murphy discusses the struggles that people who are having an affair commonly face
  • How Dr. Murphy helps people dealing with infidelity

In this episode…

The IRS may not have anything to do with your relationship, but if you’re married, the financial actions you or your partner takes when dealing with infidelity may come back to bite. And when you’re already embroiled in a turbulent relationship, your tax situation may just be the final straw that ultimately breaks things for good. So how can you make the right decisions for your finances while confronting the realities and changes that come with infidelity?

On this episode of the Tax Resolution Ninja Show  Allan Rolnick interviews relationship coach, Dr. Marie Murphy, about infidelity and the role that unshared tax situations can play in the discussion. They talk about the struggles you face if you are having an affair, how it could be an opportunity for clarification and growth, how Dr. Murphy helps her clients make the best decision for themselves. Stay tuned.

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