5 Different Letters from the IRS – Letter Saying You OWE MONEY

Allan RolnickAllan Rolnick is a Managing Member and the Founder of Tristate Tax Resolution LLC, a tax consulting firm based in New York City. He graduated with an MBA in Accounting from Hofstra University before starting his practice, focusing on serving the small business community.

Allan is a member of the New York State Society of CPAs, the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, the Tax Rep Network LLC, the American Society of Certified Tax Coaches, and the National Association of Tax Professionals. He also is a member of Roz Strategies Platinum Mastermind Group.

Allan’s practice started in 1992 and has transformed from offering traditional accounting services to his clients to advising them on tax-related issues and providing them with tax planning services that help restore financial stability to both their professional and personal lives.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • Why could you get a letter from the IRS saying you owe money?
  • What to do when the IRS sends you a letter of indebtedness
  • How serious can the IRS letter be?
  • Why people ignore the IRS and run into problems
  • An example of how you can have back taxes—and Allan’s advice on how to avoid it

In this episode…

Getting a letter from the IRS can be super stressful, especially when you don’t know how to handle it. Of the different types of letters from the IRS, the letter saying you owe money is the one of the scariest.

According to Allan Rolnick, you could get this letter if the IRS discovers that you failed to include an income source in your tax returns. Whether they’re right—or mistaken—it’s crucial to know how to handle the situation. So what should you do if you receive this letter from the IRS?

Listen to this episode of The Tax Resolution Ninja Show with Allan Rolnick. Learn more as his guest interviewer, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25, interviews Allan about the IRS letter saying you owe money. Allan talks about what the letter means and what to do when you receive it. Stay tuned.

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