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TriState Tax Resolution aims to give you peace of mind and release you from the shackles of tax debt. We are a team of skilled tax professionals that have amassed years of experience, weaving through the many obstacles created by the IRS. We commit to utilizing our library of resources so you successfully reconcile with the IRS.


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Your feelings of hopelessness and frustration are over. It’s time you took the first step to settling your tax problems so you can move forward, and live a stress free life. We are going to be your representatives and talk to the IRS for you. You don’t have to be alone through this process, TriState Tax Resolution is your ally and friend.

Strategic Planning

Every client is different and we make sure to create a meticulous strategy that is customized to your case. We plan every possible scenario to ensure your tax worries are solved in the most effective way possible.

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TriState tax resolution has invested the time to fully understand every intricate detail involved in tax debt and the IRS. Our knowledge has been refined through practical experience, so you can feel confident knowing you have the support you need to win.

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Common Tax Problems

Having to fit your entire life into a tight budget is a rigorous task that millions of Americans deal with. Living this day to day lifestyle can sometimes result in tax debt, with added on IRS penalties. Not being able to pay these debts and penalties can allow the IRS to withhold a portion of your paycheck until your debt is paid off.

The IRS can seize up to 75% of your paycheck until your debt is paid and your employer can do nothing about it.

The best solution from this is a wage garnishment release. This is where we can step in and help. With most situations we can get the garnishment released quickly and once the garnishment is released, you may have other options.

If you have no means to pay your tax debt, an option is for you to request your debt be noted as “currently not collectible”. Without any source of income to pay the IRS you may be able to qualify for this CNC option, which halts all collection activities.

Once your account is in CNC status, the government will typically stop coming after your assets with liens or levies, and won’t garnish your wages. However, this does not ensure that the government won’t come after you sooner or later.  The IRS can reopen your case at any time, and often revisits it every couple of years. If you owe additional taxes, sell assets or increase your income. There is a ten-year Statute of Limitations for back taxes owed, after which the tax debt is forgiven.

If you’re in a tough enough financial situation you may qualify for Currently Not Collectible status, but there is still much to gain or lose so make sure you know all your options.

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For those who have been incorrectly assessed by the IRS or cannot repay what the IRS claims is owed, an “offer in compromise” may be the best solution for your situation.

This kind of strategy can help those who can’t fully pay off their tax debt, but do have some funds to contribute. It’s not for everyone, but it can really be a lifesaver for others. To further explain, an OIC is a compromise that could cut down the total amount to be paid to the IRS. It’s an out-of-court agreement created and approved by Congress to help taxpayers, and to stop IRS collections activities. Call TriState Tax Resolution to know if you qualify.

A bank levy is a common tactic the IRS can issue, which orders you to pay your debt. When the IRS issues a bank levy they can freeze your bank accounts and seize any money in your account (up to the amount that you owe), including penalties and interest.

The only way to stop the IRS from issuing a bank levy is a bank levy release. Because there are specific procedures that have to be followed for your bank levy release, which are dependent on your financial and tax situation, you can call us to see if you qualify.

Once the bank levy has been issued you need to act fast to stop the IRS from further collecting your money.

TriState Tax Resolution can help you out of this sticky situation. We are committed to keeping in contact with you and your IRS agent so we can work towards determining the best course of action for you. Tell us your story and contact us now to schedule your free consultation!

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An installment agreement is the most common way for taxpayers to resolve their tax debt. Installment agreements, or negotiated payment plans, include different types of agreements; formal or informal, streamlined, guaranteed and partial pay.

As common as it is an installment agreement can be tricky. A lot of negotiation and planning goes into settling an installment amount but you can really benefit from monthly payments inline with what you can reasonable afford.

TriState Tax Resolutions can do this for you and will negotiate these agreements to get the best plan of action for you, under your own terms.

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